Abaqus Scripting

Abaqus Scripting tutorial is prepared for advance user who want to get the most out of the Abaqus program.

This package is consist of two video tutorial, one which describes python programming in abaqus and parameterize the model data base, using python to control over model data base and another one is accessing to the output data base, extracting the results from output file, modify the model data and run again. This is a complete package for those who want to learn abaqus scripting from python programming to writing you own script and working with result data.

1-The object of this video tutorial is to learn python programming ,Abaqus scripting model data base and output results in conjunction with examples.

2- In some points of this video tutorial, it concentrate to learn how to use program to help writing script.

This Abaqus tutorial contain these parts.

1- Introduction to python.

2- Interaction between python and Abaqus.

3- Explain macro in Abaqus and running scripts.

5- Different variables in python (python data types) ,control blocks,....

6- Introduce Abaqus scripting.

7- Abaqus Built in data types.

8- How to use "Reference Manual" to write script commands.

9- Different types of functions to modify or edit commands.

10- Region commands(find object in view port automatically)

11- you will learn how to access to the specific output data base (for example stress or displacement) from specific locations (node sets or element sets).

12- In conjunction with Scripting Model Data Base you can define your own algorithm in order to modify model data.

(for example geometry, mesh density, material properties,...) and run your analysis then receive feedback from results and make correction base on your criteria.

and different sorts of examples for explain the specific object.

We hope you enjoy it..

Abaqus tutorial Descriptions

Duration: 0:00 Hour:minutes

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File Format: AVI (H.264)

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