Scripting Output Data Base

This video tutorial describes Abaqus scripting in order to access to output data base.

Tutorial divided to the two main parts:

1- Basics of python programing up to level that works with python in conjuction with Abaqus.

2- Access to output data base and reading from result files.

3- Work on result data and create your own task.


In this video tutorial you will learn how to access to the specific output data base (for example stress or displacement) from specific locations (node sets or element sets). You can also compare it with your own criteria and create automotive task. In conjunction with Scripting Model Data Base you can define your own algorithm in order to modify model data (for example geometry, mesh density, material properties,...) and run your analysis then receive feedback from results and make correction base on your criteria.

We hope you enjoy it..

Click here to watch the first 10 minutes of the tutorial.

Abaqus tutorial Descriptions

Duration: 1:20 Hour:minutes

Resolution: 1280×768

File Format: AVI (H.264)

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