ABAQUS is one of the best software which covers most of engineering fields in terms of simulation and analysis.

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CATIA is one of the most powerful software in mechanical, civil,electrical engineering which can handle most of the engineering fields from CAD, CAE and CAM.

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FreeCad is one of the powerful, free and open source CAD modeling software. It is developed very well and have very powerful tools for sketching and designing a part. You can create your model and make sure you have the advantage of a developed cad software.

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Scope of Website

CAD Software

Computer-aided Design software, which are used to create 2D or 3D technical drawing.

CAE Software

Computer-aided Engineering software, is mostly used to handle engineering tasks. Thermal, fluid, dynamic simulation,...or combination of them is done using CAE software.

CAM Software

Computer-aided Manufacturing software, is the use of machine tools(CNC machines) and all related process of manufacturing the work pieces.

About Website

Learning engineering software is very crucial for a variety of engineering fields. Some parts of these software need more efforts to get master at. The easiest and fastest way to learn a engineering software is to learn it by video tutorials through comprehensive and practical examples. Engineering Software is a website for learning engineering software by interactive video tutorials along with subtitle and voice.

In this website we are to help you with learning engineering software through multimedia courses. Examples are provided by our team with the goal of teaching software through comprehensive and engineering examples. Each example is carefully designated to address some professional points while it is still completely comprehensible for those who are new to these software. We upload our video tutorial in Sellfy, a secure network for upload digital products.

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